Saddlebrook Honey

The bees at Saddlebrook were extremely busy this year. As a result, it is possible to offer a limited amount of 100% pure and natural, honey produced from the flowers, trees and other things that bloom right here at Saddlebrook. Each "bee emblem" jar contains a full pound of light amber honey with an intensely sweet flavor that you will not find on the shelves of the local MegaFood store. Our honey is from hives that have been tended for years by our own family "bee man" who makes the hive bodies and frames himself, gives the bees the foundation they need to grow strong and prosperous, and collects only as much honey as the bees don't need for the winter.

This honey is as pure a gift as nature has to give. There is a limited supply and the bees will be "resting" until longer days, warmer weather and dandelion blossoms return in spring.

1 # Bee emblem Jar of Light Amber Honey $6.00
Shipping and Handling $3.50
Total Charge $9.50

Gift Package Deluxe

1# Bee Emblem Jar of Light Amber Honey
Plus hand crafted Bees Wax Candle with Bee on the Side and Small Honey Lip Balm $13.50
Shipping and Handling $4.00
Total Charge $17.50

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