About Our Farm


Saddlebrook is a unique retreat from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world. It's a place where city meets country, and visitors from around the globe have paused to "smell the flowers." Situated on beautiful rolling countryside, Saddlebrook offers miles of scenic riding trails, lakeside summer fun at its best, and a winter wonderland for all to enjoy.

Our home is one-of-a-kind; an eclectic blend of past and present. From its vaulted ceilings to expansive glass, from its 100 year old staircase to its welcoming veranda, Saddlebrook is a fun & friendly place to visit. It's not just about Appaloosas - tho' that certainly is our focal point! It's about an interesting lifestyle that includes an unusual menagerie of critters, many of which are named "Bob": Bobalouie, Shish-Ka-BOB, Bob Veal-a, Bob-a-Ranch, Yessiree Bob, Eat At Bob's, and so on. You'll have to visit to learn the "Bob Secret".

Have lunch with a singing pig, hang out in the three story tree house, have your picture taken with a striped cow, or just plain enjoy talking Appaloosas with us - we welcome you.

Read about the History of Saddlebrook before it was Saddlebrook!

Attack of the Barn Eating Cat!

This horse looks just like our Appaloosa stallion,
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